Jewelry Care


All of RNS jewelry is timeless & elegant, proper care must be taken to keep it clean and shiny.


  • Keep the jewelry in their individual bags or hung to avoid entanglement with itself or with other jewelry.
  • Clean frequently using a soft, dry cloth to maintain original colour
  • Avoid knocks and falls
  • Remove Jewelry when washing
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, creams, lotions, lacquers, dyes, water as it jeopardizes the integrity of the material.
  • Do not expose pieces to chemicals, even during housework. Exposure to chemicals can tarnish Jewelry. Although damage is not usually irreparable, it’s better to be safe!
  • If applying make-up, remove jewelry, and put on again only after you’re done applying to avoid the residue into the texture or gemstone setting. Residue dulls the shine of your jewelry.
  • Perfumes – never put jewelry in contact with perfumes. As with make-up, apply perfume first, then wash your hands and put on your jewelry.
  • While filigree jewelry is not fragile, it does not mean that you should do any rough work while wearing it. Take your rings, bracelets, etc. off before doing any heavy work (i.e. housekeeping, gardening or exercise)
  • Tarnishing will also occur if you put your filigree in contact with salt- or chlorinated water.


If one of your items are damaged don’t worry we can take care of it, contact us immediately


Please be aware that there is a cost to repair any damaged item.

 Appreciate your piece and its intricate craftsmanship and the beauty it adds to your overall look.


With proper care,

your jewelry will remain a timeless treasure for years to come.

With Much Love,


Founder Of Richness N Simplicity